Hobson Residence – Dallas – TX

ProjectHobson Residence - Dallas - TX
ArchitectJ Wilson Fuqua
DateSeptember 2013
ClientPrivate resident

Located in Dallas Texas, living in a small, charming white clapboard house at the edge of the woods, this family needed to find a suitable place to grow and spread out. Fortunately for them, a house became available by the same historic architect in the same beautiful neighborhood. The family restored it and it was much more suitable for them than the first.

The original house had a captivating solarium with views on three sides into a garden. The elements had taken their toll on locally made steel doors and they couldn’t be saved; Crittall Windows’ Berkley doors were the perfect match for the job. To fit in their context, the doors had to look as if they had been there for a hundred years but look clean and fresh.

Another application required an eighteen foot square window wall with a door snuck in under a stair and yet another situation with window nestled in between two Doric columns. The rest of the house had wonderful shop made double hung windows, with beautiful slim muttons.


This case study is based on architectural comment and submitted entry photography for recent entry in our Crittall Architectural Prize

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