North London Residence

ProjectNorth London Residence
ProductInnervision screens and sliding doors
ClientPrivate Residence
ContractorMetwin Ltd

Crittall Specialist Partner Metwin Limited have recently completed a project incorporating Crittalls new Innervision Sliding Doors.

The clients hope was to create division between the rooms in their North London residence, whilst still being able to keep an eye on their children and allow light transfer. With the help of Metwin, they opted for a mix of Crittall Innervision screens, sliding and hinged doors in Crittall black. The sliding doors can be installed into a rebate, into a pocket or simply face fixed, depending on your requirements.

All of these interior screens and doors have been glazed with an acoustic laminated safety glass in order or increase the strength and prevent the transfer of sound.  Crittall Innervision sliding and hinged doors can be powder coated to any RAL or BS colour depending on your project preferences.

Crittall Specialist Partners are located all around the UK. Find your local installer here.

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