The CellGuard custodial window system has been designed to satisfy the stringent criteria set out within the Home Office Police Building Design Guidance and has been developed, tested and approved in conjunction with the Home Office for use in Police Custody Suites.

CellGuard represents a new approach in custodial fenestration and delivers enhanced security, excellent thermal performance and light transmission, offering over a third more available light than traditional products. CellGuard is designed to be aesthetically pleasing. The thermally broken steel frame houses a single pane of CellGuard composite glass, which has been engineered to withstand sustained attack.

Bars and grilles are no longer necessary, providing a less institutional environment for detainees, visitors, staff whilst reducing the visual impact on the wider community.

CellGuard custody windows and rooflights are approved for UK Government Use.  For details contact CPNI.

A report by HM Chief Inspector of Prisons (Aug 12) identified that lack of natural light (section 2.26) as a major issue in Custody estate.   CellGuard custody window offer a solution to this problem. Years in development, Crittall worked uniquely with the Home Office to develop a ‘bar free’ window which offers significant improvements over traditional barred windows without compromising safety or security. Most notably, CellGuard offers up to 71% improvement in light transmission, subject to project specification.

The window delivers outstanding performance, whilst the ‘domestic’ appearance of the window can have a calming effect on detainees, improving the environment for both detainees and custody officers. Used by Northumbria Police Authority and Avon and Somerset Constabulary amongst others, CellGuard windows and roof lights are the 21st century solution to bars.

For more information on the CellGuard range, call our Specialist team on 0191 417 0170. 

Product Information

Benefits of the CellGuard window over traditional barred windows include:

  • improved light transmission
  • improved thermal performance
  • non institutional appearance (no bars)
  • improved detainee privacy
  • improved environment for custody officers
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