Crittall Windows is the worlds’ pre-eminent supplier of steel windows. For almost 200 years, the company has been pioneering technical and aesthetic improvements within the metal windows sector and are still the dominant source of steel windows internationally.


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To give you an insight into the way we work, each custom window or door starts with specialised hot rolled profiles that are cut to size to make the component parts for the unit. From here the steel is machined using CNCs or press tools, with more complex units going through a manual setting out process. Curved bars for shaped units are rolled by hand until they match the master drawings. Bars are then welded together to form the units in raw steel before all steel elements are hot-dip galvanized to protect them from corrosion.

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All Crittall windows and doors are hot-dip galvanized to BS EN 1461 to ensure that the finished products are completely protected against corrosion – a point of difference for genuine Crittall windows.  Other manufacturers use an electroplate process which provides a much thinner coating with less adequate protection for exterior use.

After galvanizing, frames are adjusted so that the elements come together with the required clearances before the rough galvanized finish is fettled to form a surface ready to accept paint.


Crittall windows and doors are finished with an in-house Crittall ‘Duralife’ polyester powder coating in strict accordance with BS EN 13438 to a thickness of at least 60 microns. This is applied using an advanced electrostatic process by hand spraying to achieve a consistent coating which is cured at 200for maximum adhesion. Strict quality control inspections, in accordance with our ISO 9001 certification, ensure that quality is maintained throughout the process.

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Following painting, frames are re-united and assembled with all other additional components and seals required to finish the window. Testing is then carried out for operation and fit and our windows are then ready to be carefully packed and delivered to site.

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As a truly international business, our windows are shipped all over the UK as well as exported around the world. We understand the importance of ‘on time’ projects and so, this part of our manufacturing process is extremely important.

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