The Crittall Trademark


Crittall Windows Limited was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee on 3 October 1924.

However, our roots go back to the mid-1800s. Francis Berrington Crittall and his son Francis Henry Crittall established a window manufacturing business in Braintree, Essex.

The name Crittall has therefore been associated with excellence in steel window manufacture for more than 160 years.

Crittall Windows Limited has established a tremendous reputation in the name Crittall in a result of this longstanding. The Crittall name has become synonymous with our products and has become our trade mark. Crittall can be used only to refer to steel windows which are manufactured by Crittall Windows Limited.

In recognition of this, the word Crittall is the subject of various trade mark registrations, including UK Trade Mark No. 492,639 (registered with effect from 22 June 1928).

Correct usage

The word Crittall should be used only to refer to our products, and not to windows made by a third party or to steel windows generally. It should be used with a capital ‘C’ (i.e. Crittall not crittall) and acknowledged as a registered trade mark of Crittall Windows Limited.

The symbol for a registered trade mark may be used, i.e. Crittall®.

The mark should not be used excessively in such a manner as to ride on our reputation. Terms such as ‘Crittall-style’ windows or ‘Crittall-type’ windows should not be used. The style of steel window was determined many years ago, and Crittall Windows Limited is one manufacturer.

Protecting the customer

Unfortunately success breeds imitation, and the ease of setting up internet websites has resulted in third parties using the Crittall trade mark in a manner which is misleading, unfair or excessive.

We have recently taken legal action against a competitor which was using the Crittall name in an infringing manner and claiming that it was a generic term for any steel window. We are pleased to say that we have obtained a successful settlement, with the competitor agreeing that the Crittall trade mark is validly registered (i.e. is not a generic term), paying us a substantial contribution to our costs and damages, and undertaking not to infringe in future.

When you buy a window sold by reference to the Crittall name, you need reassurance that it is the real deal: a genuine Crittall window made by Crittall Windows Limited. You want to be sure that you are reaping the rewards of 160 years of excellence in steel window manufacture. That is why we take seriously protection of our Crittall trade mark – to ensure that you, the customer, are getting the window you deserve.