Testimony and Reviews

Hear what our customers are saying

Karen Welstead, Scotland, UK

Crittall Specialist Partner: Scottish Window Solutions

Product: Corporate W20

“I have been dreaming of using Crittall windows for years and when we moved into our Georgian property outside Glasgow I knew that taking out the back wall of the kitchen would give us lovely views and lots of light.

The Crittall design meant we could retain a traditional feel which would fit with the overall look of the house.

I love that there is flexibility around the colour of the steel- we chose a grey which ties in with the slate roof.

We were delighted to be able to use a local company to fit and supply the windows – they were very knowledgeable and have been fantastic throughout the process.”

Milly Kenny-Ryder, London, UK

Crittall Specialist Partner: Lightfoot Windows Kent

Product: Corporate W20

Instagram: @millykr

“I grew up with original Crittall doors in my parents house, so I always knew I wanted them in my first proper home.

I was so excited to get started on my project with Crittall. I think their high quality, strong and beautiful windows and doors give a timeless elegance and authenticity to any space, and they have done exactly that in our new kitchen. The Crittall doors are the first and last thing people comment on when they walk into the space and I couldn’t be happier with them.

We had the brilliantly efficient and friendly Lightfoot team fitting our Crittall for us. The two brothers turned up with a smile and worked expertly to fit our doors immaculately. I would recommend their services to everyone.

Now I just can’t wait for the rest of our renovation works to be complete so I can admire our Crittall doors while I eat my breakfast every morning!”

Emily Knight, West Kirby, UK

Crittall Specialist Partner: John Knight Glass

Product: Corporate W20

Instagram: @thehomeoftheknights

“You can get lots of Crittall lookalikes, but we have chosen the real deal and we do not regret it. The doors just allow so much light to flood in from our courtyard, we just love them!

It was really important to us to have an extra special kitchen as ultimately this was where we (particularly me) would spend most of our time, and the Crittall doors leading out in to the garden created just that.”

Jo Mcloughlin, Yorkshire, UK

Crittall Specialist Partner: KJA Services

Product: Corporate W20

Instagram: @renovationfoxton

“I chose these doors as I wanted a room to have lots of light and to give the house the inside outside feel.  Crittall to me is such a classic choice and I love the fact that they are made of steel and are made to last.”