Authentic Crittall

Who are Crittall?

Crittall are the worlds leading suppliers of steel windows, doors and internal screens. We have a rich heritage stretching over almost 200 years of designing innovative and iconic fenestration.

Crittall have been at the forefront design evolution, including the Bauhaus Movement, with Crittall products fitted into a number of historical projects including The Big Ben Tower in London.  Other notable projects include the Titanic, Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament, Yale and Princeton universities, the BBC offices and 300 Central Park West.

What is an Authentic Crittall product?

Due to our rich heritage, we have succumbed to the forces of imitation, with many brands offering aluminium alternatives and other Crittall-style products confusing the market. We want you to purchase your Crittall knowing you are buying a genuine, hand crafted, bespoke and high quality product which will enhance the value of any property.

How do I know if my product is an authentic Crittall?

The Crittall Fenestra Joint

There are a few ways to identify whether your product is genuine Crittall. Our most popular products, Corporate W20 & Innervision can be identified by their unique Fenestra joint, pictured below. The Fenestra joint (patented by Crittall in the early 1900s), revolutionised the steel window industry by offering unsurpassed strength and enabling increased steel window production. Additionally, by weaving the intersecting glazing bars, the Fenestra joint produces slimmer glazing bars to increase natural light.

Img 5998

The Crittall Plaque

Another way to identify your Crittall products is by the presence of a discreet plaque fitted into the jamb of the window/door, to stamp Crittall authenticity and approval.  These stamps will be on any Crittall product supplied and installed by a Crittall Specialist Partner, fitted from August 2019.

Crittall Specialist Partners (CSPs)

Crittall’s head office and factory operate from Witham in Essex, where it has been sited for nearly 200 years.  All Crittall products are handcrafted by skilled artisans in our state of the art manufacturing facility, and despatched via our approved Crittall Specialist Partners to install into your project.   There are 11 CSP partners throughout the UK that distribute genuine Crittall products, identifiable by their unique logo.

Csp Logo

Our approved specialist partners are listed below, and are the only genuine distributors and installers of Crittall products.

  • Bespoke Glazing Design
  • D&R Design Ltd
  • John Knight Glass
  • KJA Services
  • Lightfoot Windows Kent
  • Metwin Ltd
  • Scottish Window Solutions
  • Three Spires Glass
  • Veritas Glazing Solutions
  • Wenban-Smith
  • Yes Glazing Solutions

To identify your local Crittall Specialist Partner, head to our Contact page.