Winnner of a rare Le Corbusier Original Lithograph Poster announced

Le Corbusier (2)

We offered architects a unique chance to win a rare original lithograph poster that celebrates the work of the famous Swiss architect, La Corbusier, one of the pioneers of what is now regarded as modern architecture, and design.

The Crittall aesthetic was favoured by the originators of the Bauhaus Movement to which Le Corbusier name is indelibly linked.

Valued at £1000 “ Tapisseries, en L’eglise de Chateau-Fellentin-Creuse “ is a rich and beautiful traditional stone lithograph exhibition poster printed in 1963 by Atelier Mourlot.Poster Presentation





It is a pleasure to award such a beautiful piece, particularly given the connection that Crittall & Le Corbusier have with the Bauhaus movement.

Commercial Director, Steve Childs, presented the framed poster to Rob McCarthy of Sheppard Robson Architects in Manchester and we hope ‘Tapisseries, en L’eglise de Chateau-Fellentin-Creuse’ gives many years of viewing pleasure.