ProjectAbigail Ahern
ClientAbigail Ahern

Renowned Interior designer Abigail Ahern has been a fan of Crittall for a long time. She has recently had a wonderful renovation in her house, featuring a wall of Crittall w20 windows and doors.

She says: “20 years ago when moving into a property in East London, I made a very bad call and installed a floor-to-ceiling glass wall with a steel beam cross.

The minute it went in I hated it (I actually cried for a month) it was the worst decision I have made stylistically.

However, that has now changed with the recent installation (albeit 20 years later) of my double-height Crittall windows.  “I had no idea how transformative they would be – they feel both light, but so inclusive and cosy, which I was so missing before.

I am obsessed with the slim profile of the frames (so good looking) and it beautifully zones the garden – it looks grander and cooler than it ever has before.

Rather than just the solid glass wall, which felt so austere, the Crittall windows have

added such style to my space – so I’ve got this industrial, urban yet glam vibe going on.

I never realised how inclusive it would make the whole space feel, and how much more connected to outside I would feel.  The vertical frames draw the eye up, making it feel larger and grander than it really is.

I literally cannot recommend enough – for me it’s life changing.

“I thought I had a pretty cool house before, but since this installation I actually never want to go out and leave! Am obsessed!”

About Abigail Ahern:

  • Abigail Ahern is recognised amongst design aficionados, press and clients alike for her enchanting take on interiors.
  • Abigail is an influential tastemaker, and has redefined the visual landscape with her unique style and bold approach.
  • Her trendsetting designs have become synonymous with glamour, eclecticism and wit.
  • She has her own range of home accessories.        See Abigail’s Crittall – @abigailahern

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