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ProductInnervision screens, hinged and sliding doors
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One of our expert Crittall Specialist Partners Bespoke Glazing Design have recently completed a stunning project with Portabella, a Cardiff based property company. The office and showroom features a stunning open plan layout, showcasing the companies fantastic design skills throughout. The studio office in central Cardiff features multiple meeting areas and an office, along with a multitude of products from different designers.

Portabella have only recently moved into this new space, and wanted to have the option to close of different sections of the studio without compromising light transfer and the open plan feel of the space. When designing their new office, Portabella decided to incorporate a variety of different products from our Crittall Innervision range.

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With the help of Bespoke Glazing Design, it was decided that a wall pocketed Innervision sliding door should be used to separate the office and informal meeting space, to offer the option of privacy. Innervision hinged doors & screens were then used throughout the space to continue the transition of light throughout, utilising the slim sightlines of our steel profiles to maintain the open plan feel of the office.

Leanne Rudman, an interior designer for Portabella, said of the choice to use Crittall for the project: “We decided to use Crittall as we were developing an industrial interior to our new offices, the Crittall doors also gave us the opportunity to keep all the natural light within each space but still allowing them to feel private when needed. Our office is open plan but with the Crittall doors we are able to create spaces for formal meetings and more casual areas without losing the sense of continuity throughout the space”

Bespoke Glazing Design is one of our expertly trained Crittall Specialist Partners which can be found on the contact area of our website. Alternatively, to visit Bespoke Glazing Designs website directly click here,

Visit Portabella UK to find out more about their award winning properties.

Photography courtesy of Polyflor.

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