Davonport Kitchens in Colchester have chosen Crittall to feature in their brand new Shoreditch Showroom Kitchen. The kitchen features Crittalls newly released Innervision Sliding Doors, beautifully installed in the entryway to a pantry.

Davonports were thrilled with the final results, and were full of admiration for their Crittall feature.

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Richard Davonport, owner of Davonport Kitchens, explains his inspiration and vision for the kitchen, which is now available to visit:

“Industrial design continues to be a popular choice for homeowners but we were keen to demonstrate that choosing this theme for the kitchen doesn’t mean having to compromise on quality or longevity. Every element of this Shoreditch kitchen has been selected to meet our commitment to offering our customers the very best of everything, without compromise.

Crittall Windows ‘Innervision’ doors are perfect for introducing the iconic, industrial steel frames into the home, creating specific areas within large open plan spaces without compromising on light or space. In this instance, the innervison doors helped us to create a statement walk in pantry that not only emulates the industrial theme, but also meets our commitment to unsurpassed quality”.

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Photography from Darren Chung


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