290 NOT OUT – and still going strong – at Crittall!

17 employees celebrate long service awards with Witham-based Crittall Windows…

Seventeen employees working at Crittall Windows, the Witham-based pioneer of steel window manufacture for almost 180 years, between them have notched-up 290 years of long service with the company. To mark the achievement, a celebratory luncheon was held at the Lion Inn, Boreham.

With roles from the factory production line and manufacture to office administration, technical and business positions, the years some members of the Crittall team have worked with the company included those reaching 40 and 30 years, and others 20 or 10 years.

Russell Ager, the company’s managing director, said: “We’re proud that we have so many excellent members of our team who are so dedicated to their respective roles and committed to working with our company for so many years.”

IT Manager John Kelleher who has been with the company nearly 30 years reflected: “I have seen many changes – when I started there were just three PCs in the business – now everyone has one.  Fax machines and phones (no mobiles then) were the main communication medium.   


Today, we make extensive use of Cloud-based technology, and the newest comms, IT and data developments for the benefit of the company. I’m proud to have overseen the revolutionary changes made possible by such developments in IT.”

Mel Woodwards commented “the 40 years I have spent at Crittall have been a voyage of learning and accomplishment and enjoying the satisfaction of meeting the customers’ and personal requirements”. 

Sharon Symonds who has worked at Crittall for 22 years added “starting in Braintree at the Springwood factory working on the assembly line, I was very quickly made to feel part of the Crittall family, which is what we are. 

I moved to Witham factory in 2007 which was a major transition and in 2008 I was offered a position in the quality dept – a different challenge which I have enjoyed as I meet everybody in the factory and offices .

A  first aider for 20 years, Sharon volunteers with a colleague to look after the flowerbeds and pots out the front of the factory”.


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