Steel For Kitchen Kudos

22 January 2018

Q: Want your kitchen to have impact?

A: Install ‘on-trend’ steel-framed glazed internal screens and windows…

‘Metallics’ will be everywhere, say interior trend experts. So, if you’re revamping your kitchen, for glamour and elegance, you can’t go wrong with ‘on-trend’ steel partitioning screens and windows.

Rather than putting in a dividing wall, blocking-out light, a great alternative is installing an interior steel screen, which lets light flood-in.

Complementing flooring and décor, their reflective properties make small areas seem bigger, add warmth and a cosy feel to shady areas.

“The kitchen is the home’s focal point. So along with choosing the styling of cupboards, storage, worktops and appliances, and where you put the coffee station or breakfast bar, getting the windows and doors just right is important too,” says Stuart Judge, managing director of Crittall Windows, makers of steel window frames, screens and doors for almost 170 years.

“A kitchen’s design, how it’s lit internally, and openings to natural outside light through windows and doors, impact. If you’re knocking down a brick, or plaster-board wall, a steel frame screen is an ideal addition for maximising daylight in the kitchen and adjoining rooms; be it the living room or lobby.”

Steel is three times the strength of aluminium and achieves strong, stylish frames combining slim profiles. This allows large expanses of glass, bringing-in essential natural daylight, visually enhancing living space and functionality.

Mr Judge continues: “The outside can be seamlessly, dramatically, fused with the inside living space, giving a sense of well-being through a clear view of the outdoors – your patio, flower beds, shrubs and trees.”

Further dimension

Crittall brings a further dimension to a kitchen through its minimalist style windows and its InnerVision glazed steel partitioning screens.

Designed for modern living, they provide a sense of space and light with clean lines, subtle detailing, excellent technical properties.

Elegantly slender, the slim steel framing, with single or double opening doors, is unobtrusive. The distinguished-looking installation makes a wonderful talking point. Natural illumination inside is maximised, while enhanced acoustic properties ensure privacy and reduced noise levels, without compromising on security.

Chilly draughts are prevented, warmth kept-in for year-round comfort.

InnerVision steel frames can be powder-coated to your choice of RAL or BS colours. Each screen is bespoke to your application – panel shape and size, single or double glazing, decorative or obscure glass.

Natalie Benes, associate architect at Stiff+Trevillion comments: “Crittall windows are a great on-trend option if you want a light and airy feel with an industrial aesthetic. Their slender minimalist frames allow as much light as possible into a space, working well with contemporary architecture and in period properties.

“Steel partitions can be used really successfully as divisions between, or within rooms, whilst still letting light and views through into adjoining spaces. They enable practical physical separations without making a space feel too small and enclosed.”

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