Why steel windows?

Steel windows offer a wide variety of aesthetic and performance benefits over comparable alternatives.  Here, market leader Crittall answers some common questions relating to the specification of the product.

Strength, security and maintenance – how do steel framed windows measure up compared with other materials?  Steel is inherently the strongest frame material for windows and doors.  It is three times stronger than aluminium for example – but, this strength is combined with elegance.  The profile (sightline) of a steel window is much less than that of its aluminium or uPVC

counterparts.  The slender appearance allows, frame for frame, a greater surface area for the glazing and indeed, larger expanses of glass can be achieved while retaining an aesthetic appearance.  The steel frames are almost virtually maintenance free.  The are hot dip galvanised and finished with a factory applied Duralife polyester powder coating in accordance with BS EN13438.  Products thus protected have a life expectancy in excess of 60 years.  The strength of the material and multi-point locking also greatly enhance the security of the buildings in which they are installed.

Tell me more about thermal performance.  Isnt steel cold?     … more

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