Crittall weighs in on Future Homes and Building Standards 2023 consultation

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At the end of last year, a consultation on changes to Part 6, Part L and Part F of the Building Regulations for dwellings and non-domestic buildings was published. Despite evidence suggesting that the U-values for new properties would decrease below the 1.2 U-value introduced by Part L in June 2022, no reference to lowering U-values has been included in this latest document.

As a steel window and door manufacturer that has been operating for almost 200 years, we’ve experienced many ups and downs in the industry. So, our Managing Director, Russell Ager, has shared his thoughts on these latest developments.

Russell comments:

“As the built environment currently accounts for 25% of the UK’s greenhouse emissions, moves to reduce this output should be welcomed. However, it is vital new regulations are technically realistic, commercially viable and consider exceptional circumstances.

“I believe retaining UW and UD values of 1.4 W/m²K alongside WER/DSER ratings for replacements windows and doors in line with Approved Document L is a balanced and sensible approach.

“While it is surprising to see there would be no further changes to reduce window U-values below 1.2 W/m²K in new dwellings, I strongly feel that the window industry is extremely innovative and adaptable. Therefore, I have no doubt future developments in frame and glass technology will continue to improve the thermal performance of new windows and doors.

“In terms of window and door manufacturing, a product’s efficiency is just one part of the puzzle. To have an even bigger impact, I believe the fenestration industry also needs to turn its attention to reducing its operational carbon footprint.

“This is a big priority for us here at Crittall Windows. We’ve recently invested in a range of green technology solutions like solar panels, LED lighting for our headquarters and have even upgraded to battery electric vehicles and hybrid fleet.

“While it may seem like small changes, over time we’re sure to see incredible reductions in our energy consumption that will have a positive impact on the UK’s carbon emissions.

“From Crittall’s perspective, we embrace change and enjoy the challenges that minimising our impact on the environment brings. We look forward to seeing how the industry will evolve as we step closer to the 2025 Future Homes Standard.”

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