Crittall are proud to unveil our new  major investment initiative that will revolutionise our processes from initial estimate through to final delivery and installation.

The Strategic Investment Programme will streamline every aspect of product ordering, manufacture and supply while retaining and enhancing the hand-built craftsmanship and bespoke nature that are hallmarks of our range of windows, doors and screens.

“We are investing some £1.5 million to provide a clean flow of operation from the moment an order is received to processing it directly onto our CNC machinery,” says Crittall Windows Managing Director Russell Ager. He adds: “This direct link takes the paperwork out of the system. It brings everything together and is much more suited to the current competitive marketplace.”

The end-to-end integration of all the company’s business functions embraces finance and accounting, customer relationship management, production, supply chain and contract management and provides real time information on all aspects of the production process.

Estimating and manufacturing software from Klaes will control the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) process running newly purchased Mecal Kosmos and other machinery. Epicor Enterpise Resource Planning software already handles inventories, accounts and other financial functions while sales orders, production and shipping come on stream next April. The full Strategic Investment Programme will be up and running by next summer.

But, says Mr Ager, there will be more to come with future investment providing remote terminals to Crittall resellers to quote for and place orders directly into the new smooth flowing data stream.

Customers will benefit from all-round improved service including shorter lead times and further enhancements in quality.  A Right First Time culture with zero defects and 100 percent Complete On Time Delivery will lead to quicker installation and bring cost savings.

“And the new systems will allow us to accelerate product development, to undertake more trials and make modifications more easily,” says Mr Ager. “This will impact our important bespoke production work and also allow us to evolve and adapt products to meet customer needs. Overall, we will become more agile.”

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